We All Make Mistakes & that’s okay!

One thing in life that is certain, everyone makes mistakes. Even those of us that strive for perfection, we will still make errors from time to time. Instead of being hard on yourself; see each mistake as a stepping stone.   We learn from mistakes Making a mistake is NOT the end of the world. Making a mistake means that we can correct ourselves and start over. We learn from the misstep and avoid making the same choice

7 Tips for Being More Positive

1. Find your Positive Soundtrack! Make sure you sing along and tap your feet to each beat to maximise benefits.   2. Make a Positive box, page or file. In this box/page you can put things that make you smile, lift you up when you are feeling low or need grounding.   3. Challenge negative thoughts with positive ones. Start training your mind to pick out the positives in every negative situation.   4. Talking; It’s okay to talk In times of