We All Make Mistakes & that’s okay!

One thing in life that is certain, everyone makes mistakes. Even those of us that strive for perfection, we will still make errors from time to time. Instead of being hard on yourself; see each mistake as a stepping stone.


We learn from mistakes

Making a mistake is NOT the end of the world. Making a mistake means that we can correct ourselves and start over. We learn from the misstep and avoid making the same choice again.


Your best is good enough

Always do your best. Yes, mistakes will still happen, however that is completely normal. Stop comparing yourself to others, nobody is perfect.


Don’t be hard on yourself for making mistakes

Sometimes, it’s easy to self-loath because of poor choices we make. Instead of self loathing, realise and understand the mistake, make amends and move on. Focus on what you have learned and pat yourself on the back for correcting the wrong.



Mistakes are essential for growth and to better understand ourselves. Making mistakes does not make us bad people. From each mistake we can learn and make better choices.

Making Mistakes is better than faking perfections



NEVER let your mistakes define who you are; YOU are not your mistakes.



Until next time, be good and try not to make too many mistakes, lol!

Always Good Vibes 🙂


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