7 Tips for Being More Positive

1. Find your Positive Soundtrack!

Make sure you sing along and tap your feet to each beat to maximise benefits.



2. Make a Positive box, page or file.

In this box/page you can put things that make you smile, lift you up when you are feeling low or need grounding.


3. Challenge negative thoughts with positive ones.

Start training your mind to pick out the positives in every negative situation.


4. Talking; It’s okay to talk

In times of hardship it is extremely important to talk to your friends, family, doctor, or whoever you choose to talk too. A problem shared really is a problem halved! 


5.Encourage and help others.

Studies have shown that a lot of happiness comes from making other people happy. 


6. Smile and Laugh more.

Just like yawning is contagious, so is Smiling ! Studies have proven that smiling can improve your mood.


7. Be yourself

Be happy with who you are and stop comparing yourself to others.



There you have 7 Tips for Being More Positive . Each day I am learning and I still have plenty of off-days! If you have any tips to be more positive, I would love to hear how you choose to see the bright side of life.


Keep spreading those positive vibes,

Always Good Vibes 🙂 




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